‘Esther’, painting by Minerva Teichert

Today, let’s learn about the story of Esther, the story of a Jewess whose assertiveness leads her to serve God and save her people.  Esther depicted an example of confidence even in the face of adversity. She is a remarkable woman of faith who put herself in danger to protect her people.

Sometime, when Esther was already made Queen, Haman devised a scheme for all the Jews in Persia to be annihilated, and because of his relationship to the King, the later agreed on the plan. However, Esther learned about it through Mordecai who challenged her, saying that being in the palace will not save her from the annihilation, and that if she remained silent of her real identity, the Jews may be delivered but not Esther and her family. He even stressed that her role as queen could be for a purpose for such a time.

In her quest to save the Jews, Queen Esther gathered her confidence to stand in  the inner court of the king’s palace. This was contrary to what was accustomed, for if she did not win the favor of the king, she could’ve been executed for that move. Indeed, it was for that very reason why Esther mentioned that she will perish if she will.

To cut the story short, Esther was given the chance to reveal who she is and to ask favor from the king to spare her and her people from the annihilation that Haman planned.

Because of her assertiveness, a new possibility opened up for Esther, Mordecai, and the rest of her people. In the end, Haman was sentenced to death while Mordecai was promoted.

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