God wants you to be the image of success. As a believer, you have an anointing that people can take home with them. When you impart your anointing to other people, it continues to work within them. It is the kind of anointing from 1 Jn. 2:27, it abides. You don’t just take a bucket of water and splash their heads with it. Instead, you are releasing a bubbling brook into their lives. You will bring the Spirit inside them to life. It is an anointing that will continue to bubble and flow.



In order to hear the gentle voice of a “brook” kind of anointing, we need to shut up. We need to silence our worries, our anxieties, and our “I already know that” voices in our heads. As prophets, either we don’t know how to keep quiet or we find it really hard to sit quietly and shut out mouths. You need to learn to be quiet long enough to hear the voice of the Lord within. You will feel this anointing as a gentle stirring. The Holy Spirit is not going to run up to you, slap you on the side of the head and say, “Prophesy!”



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Are there misconceptions you’ve had about the prophetic that have held you back from seeking this gift?