John said, “and let the one who believes in me drink. As

scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers

of living water.’”


Prophetic anointing is like a bubbling brook that brings peace, joy, and rest. It is not like a mighty waterfall that comes splashing, picking you up and tossing you around —although this is what we commonly expect it to be. The “waterfall” kind of anointing is an external anointing and it comes by the will of God alone. The prophetic anointing is something different. It originates from deep within you. If you would just stop for a moment, you’d recognize that you’ve been experiencing this for some time now. Maybe you’ve been comparing yourself to other ministers and feeling insecure. You need to recognize that the Holy Spirit’s work is already present within you.


We may hear about big revivalists and the mighty outpouring of the Spirit. People talk about fire and water and people being slain in the spirit in their meetings. You see healings, shakings, and a whole bunch of spiritual stuff going on. You are impressed, but you compare the “waterfalls” with your “bubbling brook.”



In Rheinfall, Switzerland, you can find the largest waterfall in Europe. It is magnificent. The sound of the water crashing is loud. A fine mist covers the whole river because of the intensity at which the water hits the lake below. It is a wonderful experience. However, you can’t spend hours there. You cannot stay there forever. It is a magnificent experience, but it’s just a place you visit once or twice. By comparison, the bubbling brook is a place you can sit by for hours. You can talk quietly, or you can sit there in silence as you take in the sounds and smells. When you compare the waterfall and the brook, you recognize that you can dwell by the brook all the days of your life. The brook can refresh you. It is great to have a great outpouring of the anointing, but we just can’t experience it on a daily basis.


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