There are several kinds of hurdles you must surmount in order to benefit from receiving Godly feedback when it comes to your prophetic ministry or prophetic insight.


Fear of disapproval

The prophetic ministry is not a place for people with fragile egos. You cannot choose the path of exercising your spiritual gifts and not expect to be offended. We need to be strong in our sense of the Lord’s approval in our lives. When we stand confident in Whose we are and who we are, we can embrace whatever assistance we need in order to grow our gifts. People can provide feedback without the concern that we will get hurt or react negatively to what they say.


Past hurts that are still distressing you


If you were hurt in the past and have not forgiven others for these past pains—nor have you healed, it can influence your ability to receive feedback. If our viewpoint is filtered by earlier rejection, then feedback will always be offensive. When we have been hurt by a leader or an authority figure, then we have a greater issue in receiving feedback. We are living in fear that this same thing can happen again, thus our guards are always up.


Pride in your own capabilities


Do you believe your ability to hear from God is infallible or fail-proof? Do you give perfect prophecies all the time? It is a mistake to believe we are infallible in our gift to hear from God. The Bible even teaches us to weigh prophecies (1 Cor. 14:29, 1 Thess. 5:19-21) because sometimes God’s prophets can err. Discernment does not happen overnight, but it’s something we mature in over time (Heb. 5:14).


When we’re in the process of learning and growing in our spiritual gifts and we see the insight we receive from God to be a definite and fixed Word from God, then we won’t be able to receive honest feedback. Others will perceive that we are closed to any other viewpoint. Pride is a sin and it is the downfall in any ministry.


Pray for the humility to receive feedback regarding your prophetic gift and ministry.


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