The most significant cause of fatherlessness is not because the father completely avoided or abandoned his responsibility to his child(ren). The most prominent cause of fatherlessness is female-initiated divorce for no “good” reason. There are quite some studies that indicate the reasons for fatherlessness as female-initiated divorce, and the rates may be more excellent than 80%, while a lot of other studies suggest 66-75%.32 In reality, throughout most of the history in the country, wives have filed for divorce twice as often as husbands. From 60%, 70% of divorces were instigated by women in the late 1960s. More women wanted to leave their husbands.

Arizona Survey

A psychologist from Arizona State University surveyed 400 couples. From this study, the cause for the breakdown in the marriage is not commonly violence or abuse. Instead, it is mainly growing apart or the inability of the spouse to meet their needs. Unfortunately, families would fall apart because people are unwilling to sacrifice or work on their marriages more. The Brinig-Allen study also explodes the myth of the ruthless husband. Case in point, the court cited cruelty in only 6% of divorce applications in Virginia. 

According to Richard Warshak, in the past, the courts considered fathers to be better suited to protect and provide for the child by nature. Still, since 1920, society viewed women as better suited to love and care for children.  

Custody Battles

When mothers are awarded primary or “sole” custody when it comes to custody battles, 37.9% of fathers end up with no access/visitation rights. In another study, they found that 42% of fathers fail to see their children at all after divorce.  Researchers observed that courts remove the father from the family in these two studies, causing the overall loss of parental contact. A lot of the time, custodial mothers prevent 77% of the non-custodial fathers from visiting their children. About 40% say they interfered with the father’s visitation to “punish” him, other fathers often experience intense conflicts with their former spouses, and these conflicts prevent them from having an ongoing relationship with their children. About 50% of the women in the study see no value in the father’s involvement with the child. We see that many women do not respect the father’s role from these figures. They failed to see how critical it is for fathers to be present in the children’s lives.  

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