Daughters experience sexual abuse more often when their father leaves. It’s either because of uncontrollable circumstances or because one parent leaves the other. The one who becomes most vulnerable is the daughter. Married couples, especially those who have daughters, need to consider the consequence of separating truly. A girl’s sexual vulnerability skyrockets after her parent’s divorce, without indicating how and when this risk goes down.  

Girls raised in fatherless households are significantly more likely to suffer from abuse in their formative years and even as adults. The 2002 cycle of the National Survey showed that women aged 38-44 born in healthy two-parent households were least likely to be forced to have sexual intercourse by others.

The absence of a biological father contributes to the increased risk of child maltreatment. The situation in which the child has the lowest risk of physical and sexual abuse is when the birth parents are married and the family is intact. On the other hand, the risk of abuse increases 3.5 times if the child lives in a single-parent household. If the parent is co-habituating with another adult, the bet is multiplied by 10.  

When daughters grow up without their fathers, they are more likely to become abusers themselves. Many women in pornographic films experienced sexual abuse when they were young. According to David Mech, a pornographic actor, and producer, female actresses suffered from sexual or emotional abuse histories. Being in this industry for a decade, he said he was yet to meet a “non-damaged” female who left her profession (e.g., attorney, doctor, or professor) to make adult videos.  

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