Take a look at the areas in your life that you are not pleased with and you will see the hand of the enemy meddling in your affairs. The frustration that we are dealing with right now is that we have allowed the enemy to stymie our creative flow. But you can declare, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” What I have learned over time is that we cannot take what the enemy is doing lightly. It does not matter what our zip code is, the enemy is always lurking in the wings, waiting to attack.

I have some eye-opening news! The drama we have been dealing with has only been a test. I have learned that the trials of life will bring out the best in us, if we can endure the pressure. If we want to experience real transformation, we must get our mental diet under control. No weapon formed against us can prosper. Therefore, it does not matter what the fight looks like, the enemy cannot dent our armor!

The enemy would love for us to be distracted with the lie that God is not on our side. Didn’t you know that the enemy will always try to build a wall that separates us from having access to the mind of God? But, as your personal prophet, I am here to remind you that we have been through too much to start believing the lies of the enemy. Our power to endure is greater than the enemy’s attempt to have us buckle under pressure. Today, our capacity to endure the trials we are going through, shall increase!

I know this word is for you! Listen, if God told us He is going to make our name great and the greatness is inside of us, the attacks of the enemy will certainly fail. The promises of God will manifest in our lives if we can only withstand the testing period. Sometimes the tests can seem unbearable and feel like they will never end, but we must not give in to the pressure… IT’S ONLY A TEST!

We cannot lose when we follow God’s system. When we allow ourselves to be tried by fire and come out as pure gold, there is no telling what the Father will have on the other side waiting for us! We are being liberated from the day-to-day hassles of the enemy. The Holy Spirit is changing our countenance from sad and somber to happy and vibrant. Our smile will open doors that a frown will keep shut. Our spiritual hearing is being fine-tuned. I have a prophetic secret for you: the true measure of good listening is our ability to manifest what is being heard.

This prophetic word is discarding the junk in our lives. We have the power within to resist the enemy and start experiencing radical change. We have the God-given ability to compartmentalize and discard that which is irrelevant and unnecessary in our lives.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Because you are reading this, you should be jumping up and down! Your inner man should be shouting with joy! When the Holy Spirit speaks, please pay close attention to what is being said. We will suffer no lack. God is going to prove to us that He has not forsaken us. Do not be discouraged when it looks like everyone is waiting for our lives to crumble and fall to the ground. The Power of Prophecy is setting us up for an incredible turnaround!

We are about to experience the best ride of our lives. In fact, that which is in our rear-view mirror will bring no harm to us or our household. When we create from the inside, our best life is manifested. Today, I command you to speak life, not death.

Words shape our future. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I speaking words of life or death?”
If it is not lifting you higher, do not entertain it!

The joy of the Lord is going to take over. Let’s discipline ourselves to stay clear of all negative conversation. I am seeing a new level of passion, vision and imagination dwelling within us. The Holy Spirit is breathing new life within us; a life that produces great dividends.



We are in a test where our patience is going to bring us much success. Our actions will speak much louder than our words. REMEMBER, IT’S ONLY A TEST!

We are anointed for the journey. Prepare yourself for the next level we are about to ascend to. Everything that we touch is turning to gold. Allow the power of our imagination to defeat life’s misconceptions. Our level of growth will be determined by the people we have in our circle.

I want to encourage you to rest in that which God is doing in our lives. Our WEALTHY PLACE is right in front of us. Can you see it?

The only person that can stop us right now is us! The process is all about taking that first step. How we respond to the voice of God will determine what the final episode will look like. However, our eyes must stay fixed on the truth which is GOD. REMEMBER, DON’T GIVE INTO THE TRIALS… IT’S ONLY A TEST!