The cause is far greater than the effect. The effect has no life without the cause. We must

return to the spiritual foundations of true currency, because currency is what people worship. Until they turn back to the cause, which is God, currency will never fully benefit them. This very moment, stop believing money is your substance. Money is not your substance.  Money is the effect. There is an unlimited supply on the inside. When it shows up on the outside, it is a manifestation of thoughts and feelings originating in your inner world.

It’s a true awakening when we finally understand that money is an effect, and God is the

cause. Most people have problems with money when they get hung up on the effect and forget or ignore the cause. It’s like a crowd watching a magician do his tricks. They get caught up in the effect, the illusion, and they miss everything that’s making it happen. They’re distracted by the “magic.” A lot of us get caught up in the illusion. We get caught up in the effect, the trick, and we forget where the true anointing, the true magic, comes from.

There are people who believe money is their substance. They believe it is their security

and their safety blanket. That’s why they worry when they don’t have it, or they worry that they might lose it. If that’s you, you must, this very moment, stop believing money is your substance.

Debt cannot exist in your life unless you have a belief in debt. Is there debt in your life? You need to surrender this belief right now. Repent from believing in debt and recommit your life to the abundance Jesus Christ promised for you. He has redeemed you from a life of slavery. He purchased you with his blood, and this includes redeeming you from the bondage of debt. Yes, all of these happened 2000 years ago. So, why are you still believing this life?


Cut yourself off from the lies of debt and poverty. You are not designed for that. You

have always been designed for prosperity and abundance. Look at your Creator. Is your God poor and in bondage? If you are created in His image and likeness, then you must live in limitless possibilities.



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Do you still believe in debt?