You can’t play ball unless one person has a hand open to catch, and another is there to

pitch. There has to be a catcher’s mitt and a pitching hand. If there’s a catcher but no pitcher, or a pitcher but no catcher, there is no game. Life is about learning to give. You can’t go through life with just a catcher’s mitt and expect to be successful. Some people think the catcher’s mitt is all there is, and they only try to see how much they can catch. You have to see what you can pitch to someone else who is wearing the mitt, because when you pitch it, it will be thrown back to you and it will be your turn to catch. The catcher has no purpose until the pitcher pitches the ball. It’s the pitch that starts the game. It’s the pitch that starts the cycle. It’s the pitch that starts your prosperity. If you don’t pitch, there will be no catch. If there’s no catch, there’s no return pitch.

Many people walking through life with just a catcher’s mitt, do not have a ball because nothing has been pitched.

Whatever it is you want, you have to give some of that away. Some of you need to give a seed today, because you’ve been walking through life with just a catcher’s mitt, and you don’t have a game going yet, because you haven’t thrown the first pitch (the seed). When you look at the game of life, all balls played look like seeds. They are shaped like seeds. A ball is circular.


Why? Because it is ordained to have a return. You can’t bounce a square or a triangle.

Isn’t God wise and intentional in everything He has created and designed? It makes life less complicated, doesn’t it? If only you have the courage to believe and to operate according to His standards, instead of the world’s. Why do we choose to remain in the world’s system, when we know full well abundance exists in the system of God’s Kingdom? It is because we’ve grown up with it. It’s familiar. It’s safe.


No one can ever be successful and prosperous if he always chooses familiar and safe. If you choose what is familiar, you choose what is the same. If you like your life right now, as it is, then it’s fine, but if you are praying for breakthroughs, then you need to suck it up, and be okay with the unfamiliar.



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What familiar or safe thing are you holding on to in exchange for God’s promises?