One of the many things Reverend Ike taught us was to never say we were spending money. We do not spend money. Within the word “spend” is “end.” Any time you think or say “spend,” you subconsciously become concerned with ending the supply. You can say, “I use money, but I don’t use it up.” This is why you also don’t put yourself on a budget. When you are in a budget, you automatically take on a position of lack. What you fight, you ignite.  Use money. Circulate money. But never spend money. Get the word “spend” out of your vocabulary.



Money is a tool you can use to advance the purposes of God. You can never spend something that is unlimited. The resources you have are unlimited because the Benefactor is unlimited.


Sow money. Bless people with money. Invest your money. Your language reveals your truest belief about money. As you remove the word “spend” from your vocabulary, you’ll be conscious about the unlimited and self-replenishing supply you have available.



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If money was unlimited, will you still have an issue with sowing your seed? Will you still have an issue in funding that church plant? Will you still have an issue with partnering with that missionary? Will you have an issue with your tithes and offering?