When people start believing in the effect instead of the cause, they come to view money

as all there is. They set it on a pedestal and worship it. They think money is all there is. Money is not all there is: God is all there is. You must look to God alone as the Source and remove the effect from your mind completely. If you look to any one thing, any human, any place, or any condition for your supply, you shut down the flow. Never look to a person. Never look to a place. Never look to a thing. When you look to something outside of you instead of looking within, you shut down the flow.

I know a lot of rich people.  They look to the thing. They look to the money. They

worship the money. They won’t always have their money, and their money won’t continue to grow, because they don’t worship the God within. If you worship God within, the flow will continue.

Idols take the place of the Lord in your life. God abhors idolatry. If you focus on money

and worship it, do you think God will continue to bless you? If there is lack or if there is poverty in your experience, then it is a sign that something is taking God’s place in your life. Something has become your idol.

Money is a common idol, so is family, career and fame. When you are looking at an external thing to make you happy and content, then you have gone against the will of God for your life. God wants to be the only Source of everything in your life. You cannot attach the “Source” role to anyone other than God. Does money help you accomplish things and help others? God sent that money for you to do that. Does money allow you to feed your family? God is feeding your family. When you forget who is the Source, the Source will help you remember.

He can do this by allowing the flow to stop, until you realize where the flow truly comes from.


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