Why did Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt? The thing that was preserving her caused her to look back. Salt is a preserver. It will preserve the thing that you fixate your attention on. Until that idea could be destroyed in her, she could not move on. So, therefore, life reduced her to the very thing that was preserving Sodom in her. There is nothing wrong with salt. The question is what is it preserving? The very thing that the salt is preserving in you is what needs to be rooted out from you.


What idea in you is being preserved? What thing do you keep looking back at, longing to go back to? What idea is it that is roaming around in you that you keep nurturing? It is not the salt that is the problem in this case, because you cannot have impact unless there is contact. What is your salt having contact with, that it’s preserving, that it needs to let go?


What are you flirting with? What are you dating? What are you allowing to hang around your temple? What is it that you are preserving? What idea are you preserving? What thing are you holding onto? If I can get you to have one thought today, maybe you will change that idea that you have been preserving for far too long. Some things, especially those things that do not bear fruit or profit shall I say, you need to let go.


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What are you preserving from your past?