Jesus came down through forty and two generations. It looked like he was orchestrating everything from the other side, even to the fact of getting Rahab a prostitute in his bloodline, and Ruth, who were not even Israelites, but was a Gentile. He had all of these people in his bloodline who were not supposed to be anything. They were destined for failure. Rahab, was a whore. Ruth was a Moabite. They had no business even in the family of God. Jesus set it all up, and then turned around and allowed conditions to happen so that Mary and Joseph would be forced out of an area, and the Christ child would be born in Bethlehem. Because of a tax situation, he stirs things up, so that he can be born in the location that he is supposed to be born in.


You have created all the drama that is in your life. All the drama in your life right now, you created it. You set it up for your own experience. As soon as you remember it, you are going to come up out of it.


Even that piece of hell you married, that crazy family you married into, those half retarded children that you are living with, all of that drama was your creation. Just own it. Once you do, it will land you in a specific place. Perhaps you thought that you could not withstand the pressure, and that you would die in the struggle. Well guess what? You are still here, stronger and wiser than ever. You were built to last, just like God.



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