The third degree is a powerful level. In Numbers 12, God was saying something beyond the prophetic ministry:

Listen to my words.

“Suppose there is a prophet among you.

 I, the LORD, make myself known to them in


 I speak to them in dreams. (Numbers 12:6)


The Lord is saying Moses was more than a prophet. God does not speak with Moses in mysteries and enigmas. Moses has formed a friendship with God that goes beyond his calling and his ministry. The third degree of moving in the Spirit of prophecy is called fellowship with God. In this level, you have developed an intimacy with the Lord.

More than operating in the Office of the Prophet, our top priority must be building our personal relationship with God. A lot of people believe in God, but not everyone are friends with God. They are being servants of God. Jesus walked with his disciples and prepared them for ministry. However, in John 15,


Jesus said, “you are no longer servants,” even though they were surely still his servants. However, Jesus took the relationship to the next level, wherein he said, they were his friends. In John 15, Jesus is saying, a friend speaks plainly and not in dark sayings. Thus, in this level of the Spirit of prophecy, we experience Jesus talking to us plain and clear about the future.


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How is your relationship different with a household helper or subordinate compared to your friend?

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