There can be three types of dreams that can be distinguished. First, there are dreams that have nothing to do with the spiritual realm. These are purely natural dreams. Not all dreams are prophetic in nature. In Ecc. 5:3, King Solomon said that dreams come through so much activities. Dreams can be products of your activities, thoughts, and experiences. These dreams are not necessarily from God.


The second type of dream can be a disturbance from the devil. These are demonic oppressions that try to enter your thoughts through dreams. A lot of times, these are common for non-believers. For the believers, as long as you are not in sin, then they do not occur. As long as you keep your life free from sin and you surrender to God’s Lordship, then these dreams do not disturb you. As a believer, if you have given into sin or you have compromised, then this opens a door for disturbance in your sleep life. In summary, the second category for dreams result from demonic activity.The third kind of dream comes from a God for the purpose of guidance and wisdom. Not all our thoughts are from God, and so not all are dreams came from God. Some of our thoughts come from the enemy, and so the second category deals with those kinds of dreams. The enemy tries to implant evil and sometimes dirty thoughts in our minds, which we need to forcefully reject.


You must control your thoughts. Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill your mind with pure and holy thoughts. Pray that your thoughts would always be aligned with God’s Word. The dream category that can be directly from God can be found in Matthew 1. We notice here how Joseph had an encounter with an angel in his

dream telling him not to divorce Mary. God spoke to Joseph about His plan and as a result, Joseph submitted to the prophetic word he received.

In Job 33, Elihu made a statement. God rebuked the three other friends of Job, but He did not rebuke Elihu. In Job 33:14-16,He speaks in one way and then another.  But we do not even realize it.He might speak in a dream or in a vision at night.



That’s when people are sound asleep in their beds.He might speak in their ears.

His warnings might terrify them. In the Bible, these dreams are distinguished as a vision of the night, and this vision is from God. In the second degree, you receive a prophecy that comes in mysteries and enigmas. It is a common realm by which prophets can function. The prophet can speak words that he himself does not understand. These prophets also search in themselves what those words mean. They speak words God gave them to speak, and they just utter them forth.


To receive a prophetic word is one thing, but to receive its interpretation is completely another different prophetic act. You must be patient and secure in the receiving an enigmatic prophecy. If you step out of your “jurisdiction,” you can misinterpret the mystery. You can sometimes get a true word from the Lord, yet you will get the wrong application. Don’t take every dream to be from God. You have to check it with the Bible first. Thus, you must make sure you get the right reception, you must protect the interpretation, and then, you must make sure you get the right application.


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Are you having bad dreams that you know are driven by an evil spirit? Pray for freedom from demonic oppression. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you areas where you need to repent or sins that you need to confess.