The second degree of the Spirit of prophecy is where mysteries and enigmas are classified. In the Book of Numbers, there was an account of Miriam and Aaron having a problem with Moses. It was a personal problem. However, they brought their issue into the ministry. In Numbers 12, Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses. What did they tell him? They asked, “Has the Lord spoken only through Moses? Hasn’t he also spoken through us?” (Num. 12:2).


Moses was a very humble man. In fact, he was more

humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.

The Lord spoke to Moses, Aaron and Miriam.

He said, “All three of you, come out to the tent

of meeting.” So they did.  Then the Lord came

down in a pillar of cloud. He stood at the entrance

to the tent. And he told Aaron and Miriam to

come to him. The two of them stepped forward.

Then the Lord said, “Listen to my words.

  “Suppose there is a prophet among you.

  I, the Lord, make myself known to

them in visions.

I speak to them in dreams. But this is

not true of my servant Moses.

  He is faithful in everything he does in

my house. With Moses I speak face to face.

  I speak with him clearly. I do not speak

in riddles.

  I let him see something of what I look like.

So why were you not afraid

  to speak against my servant Moses?”

(Numbers 12:3-8)



Notice that the Lord said that He would speak to Moses face to face. He was saying He was not speaking to him in riddles, or enigmas, or mysteries. In verse 5, God said He would reveal Himself to the prophets in vision and in dreams.


The second degree in which the Spirit of prophecy is manifested is in the predictive ability that can come to a person. The second degree is something other than the face-to-face revelation that Moses was privileged to have. It comes in parables, pictures, or clues that are mysterious, and calls for further interpretation.Now these were the things that constantly occurred with New Testament prophets. They usually received things they did not understand, and they needed to pray for more wisdom and understanding. There were a lot of mysteries that they received about the future—but the interpretation was not yet given. This occurred in the Book of Daniel. In Daniel 7, the prophet’s vision began with this, “I had a vision at night. I looked up and saw the four winds of heaven” (Dan. 7:2). Notice that Daniel said that the vision came by night. In the Old Testament, a dream is also called a “vision by night.” A prophet can also be called as a “dreamer of dreams” (Deut. 13).


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