A servant can carry the command of his master, without fully understanding it. A servant must be obedient. He carries the command right to the details. The master is not obligated to tell the servant what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. He just tells the servant to do his part. The office boy of a company does not need to know the marketing plan, he just needs to do his part and deliver things that need to be delivered or run errands that need to be accomplished. He does not need to know marketing strategies.We are servants of God. We don’t need to know God’s plans. Jesus did not need to make us his friends. However, he called us to be his friends. He called us to take part in the plan to save the world. He does not need our help, but he invites us to take part in the Great Commission (Mt. 28).


Jesus promoted his disciples to friendship. He says a servant does not know what the master does, but since he has called them his friends, he shares with them what he knows from the Father. He tells his friends secret things in plain language, no longer in mysterious language or codes. In this degree of the Spirit of prophecy, the prophet is the friend of God and enjoys intimacy with Him.

A powerful example of moving in the third degree was when Moses received the 10 Commandments from God.  The10 Commandments is not given in code or in an enigmatic language. It was made up of a list of 10 plain commands. It was not something you can misinterpret.



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