Reverend Ike told us that the paper money we have in our wallets isn’t money. If you would call it money, it would be the lowest form of money. True money is energy directed by our thoughts, and it can take any form we collectively agree upon. You could create a business, a new product, or develop an idea tonight that could pay off your house. All you have to do is come up with an idea that offers a solution. Right now, many people will say they have problems, and they’ll attribute them to the recession, but others are looking at the same recession and calling it a harvest. It all depends on how you see it.  You can’t see the harvest if your mind is not a comfort zone for money. When your mind becomes a comfort zone for money, it can come into your life at any time. There are no locks on the door of your mind that money can’t open. It can even come in while you’re sleeping, and when it does, it will feel welcome and natural. It will stay with you, sticking closer to you than a brother.


Money has been asking if it can come over and play. If you say yes, if it likes the play, it will stay, because it’s your friend. If you treat it like a friend, it will continue to want to be around you, but if you reject it, it will leave. Never tell money you can’t play. People have become so rigid when it comes to money. They take money so seriously that it consumes their every thought, action, and word. Are you chasing after money, instead of chasing after the blessing? When you see your wallet, and see little money in it, instead of seeing it as lack, you see it as space to grow, then you’ve already grown.


The people who focus on money aren’t the ones who get rich. The people who focus on changing the world does. The people who seeks to innovate and transform life as we know it, swim in abundance and prosperity, and they’re still getting richer. How come? They are focused on something bigger than the money they have on their wallets, and their bank accounts. They are focused on transforming the world.



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Are you chasing after money or the blessing?