What we must first understand is that what creates our reality is where and how we focus our thoughts, where we put our attention, and with what intention we focus our thoughts and intentions.  Reverend Ike taught that the psychology of money is success and prosperity. He taught that when it comes to reality, there is nothing but that which is already in our minds.


Never express an indifference to money, because when you do, you ward it off. It doesn’t  come to you. When you say you don’t have seed to sow, you express an indifference to money. When you do that, the law of attraction dictates that the money must in turn become indifferent to you. It will. You must make your mind a comfort zone for money. Get rid of your money-rejection complex.


We are not worshipping money, here, but giving praise over it the way Jesus gave praise over the five fishes and two loaves in Matthew 14:16-21. What happened when He gave praise and thanks? The fishes and the loaves multiplied. What would happen if you lifted up your money today? What would take place right now if you grabbed your money and gave praise? The next time you got ready to circulate it, it would come back in a never-ending cycle of increase and enjoyment. So, give it and praise.

Dedicate your heart to God, and the blessings follow. The believer who focuses his sight on the Lord views his wealth in abundance because He is in the Lord. Dedicate your money to the Lord. Do not view money and God to be separate ends of the spectrum. That’s exactly what Satan wants you to think. He wants you to view money to be evil, and that if you have money, you won’t have God, and if you have God, you won’t have money. It doesn’t make sense, because we serve a God of abundance. Wealth comes from God. Remember, He gives us the ability to produce wealth.

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Do you view God to be separate from money? How does money become evil?