The primary contribution of leaders is to enroll people in their own vision. As a leader enrolls the people he leads into the vision, he is keeping them motivated and stimulated, and thereby committed to making the vision a reality. Whether you call it salesmanship, persuasion, or communication, leaders are firm, and are passionate in making their vision clear that this drives people to move to action.


The so called “enrollment” is at the very core of an effective leadership.

When we say enrollment, it means opening up to a new possibility for another so that he can take action on it. Whether your enrollment is as a manager, a parent, a spouse, a friend, or a neighbor, your ability to produce results is dependent on your prowess to interact with people in a manner that accomplishes something.


Leadership empowers people to live in a perspective that their visions are not just important but are achievable. Leaders are those people who are ordinary in every way except that their zeal about vision is so compelling that they are already living passionately to the direction of their visions.  Everyone has a vision of tomorrow. We have our own dreams, our ideals in life. The question is, “How far can you go to take that vision into being?” “How passionate are you to make that vision into a reality?”



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