In our day to day living, people are not committed to having an extraordinary vision. We are in every way normal, seeing just what everybody else sees. However, in leadership, it’s not the case. Leaders are expected to have a very distinguished and extraordinary vision, not the kind that sees through walls but vision that brings forth vision and action from the people they lead.


There are two important ideas that leaders understand. First is the distinction between results and mere reasons and rationalizations. Results are the source of the most reliable information about the efficacy of our practices. On the other hand, reasons and rationalizations are those that clouds up the real thing to make things look good. Leaders with the presence of vision can discern the difference of a result from that of an explanation of the results. Though it is true that there are more to be considered than just results, leaders who act with vision honor the information that is brought about by results. They understand what it takes as the main indicator of the next path in fulfilling a vision. Leaders are well aware that there is more to just looking good, and that is their commitment to fulfil their vision.


Second thing that leaders consider an important idea is the understanding that we are basically social beings. And social beings that we are, we are wired to relate to one another. This goes to say that an individual “I” does not survive except that it correlates with the rest of the universe. With that being said, leaders accept and appreciate the fact that our interdependence, together with the powerful possibilities around us is put together towards a great vision.



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