Integrity—this is one thing that every inspirational leader cannot go without. Vision and passion are regarded with high importance, but we cannot deny the fact that these things will not be valid unless the group is able to trust the person who is leading. No one will be inspired to follow a leader’s footsteps if he does not value integrity. The leader is of the same value as the direction he provides his people. Transformation in leadership happens when people are inspired by a leader who tells the truth and who practices righteousness in what he says and does.


If a leader aims to see his people follow his lead in accomplishing the vision, he has to keep a good track record—one that testifies that what he promises he does. A leader cannot be passionate about casting his vision but not act in accordance with that vision. In leadership, a leader’s actions play out on the stage of the organization. It is up to how a leader acts whether he will gain his people’s applause or rejection.


Language is a medium leaders use in creating a future.

  • A leader must have the capability to bring his group into experiencing the


  • We have the freedom to alter our future’s possibility.
  • Leaders must be an inspiration to the people they lead.
  • The vision of leadership must be more than a statement hanging on a wall;

it must be evident in the actions, beliefs, values, and goals of the organization’s leaders.


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How are you leading a group with integrity?