Your tithe must come from the heart and from your own honest sources. This is what we call righteous giving…

There are people who want to give and bless others but their giving is not from their own pockets. Do you think God will be happy with this kind of giving? Do you really believe that you are a blessing to other people if you give to them what you gain in deceit?

Before we give back our tithes, let us reflect on how and where we get it. A tithe is supposed to be God’s own. Does God own anything that is unrighteous? Surely, He does not, for God is a holy God.

The Integrity of Our Tithe

How we produce the crops that we bring to the storehouse is more valuable than the weight of crops we brought in it. In other words, more than giving the right amount, we must also make sure that our ways in giving are also righteous.

If the tithe that you are about to give seems to be unpleasing to the eyes of the Lord, then will you still give it? Does our holy God accept anything that is not holy? Will God rather see us not offering anything than to see us giving back what He does not deserve? Think about it. It is written that no dishonest person will be allowed into heaven.

If a thief cannot enter the Kingdom, then what more the stolen possession which has been offered to the Kingdom? Always remember that even if our desire is to do well but if our means are not right, still no good will come out of it.

Rightful Worship

Tithing is an act of worship. In fact, all the things that we do must be a pleasant worship to the Lord. The question is, “Are we all rightful worshipers in the sight of God?”

Yes, we give to God our tithes, but where did you get your wealth to tithe? Maybe you gain your wealth from your allowance, salaries, investments, profits, etc., and these are all good sources. But, is our job, school, or business running with integrity?

We ought to work for the Lord, and we cannot deny the fact that in front of God, we can never keep anything. Our unrighteous deeds are not hidden from His eyes. This is why we have to live a life of honesty and work with uprightness in order to offer God a rightful worship. If our work is done with righteousness, then it will be a pleasing sight to the Lord.

If our wealth is achieved with complete honesty, then our tithe is in integrity.