If you don’t have a relationship with money and you don’t know how to romance it, it won’t stay. As Reverend Ike taught us, money—like a high-class woman—must be handled in a certain way. You can’t talk to it any ol’ way…it expects you to treat it with respect, open arms, and love. When money starts spending time with you, if it likes where it is, it will say, “I have so much fun here and feel so appreciated that I think I’ll stay.” Money is comfortable with me, because my mind is a comfort zone for it.


Most people, when they get a little bit of money in their bank accounts get so crazy, they  either think of ways to spend it or think of ways to protect it. They don’t take risks to grow their money. Instead, money makes them feel afraid — afraid that it will run out. This fearful relationship with money causes you to lose money. This scarcity mentality will manifest in your life if you are focusing on the lack of money.


You are called to have dominion over everything on earth. From the time humans were created, this has been your call. Why are you being fearful for the lack of money? Money is money; it is easily gained and easily spent. You need to be the master of money, instead of letting money be your master.


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Are you letting money become your master, instead of letting money be your master?