There is a sense of eternity in our hearts, thus causing us to be in a perpetual state of insatiable desire. In this chapter, we will delve much deeper into the wants and cravings we have and how we can be sure that they remain pleasing and honorable to God.  

We all crave more because we were created for more. Not only do we have eternity in our hearts, but we were created for eternity. We were not meant to stay in this life and this world forever. Jesus, after all, had said that his kingdom is not of this world (Jn. 18:36).

Being God’s children, we are not meant to belong to it or dwell in it forever. As Rick Warren has put it, “We are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives… [our] identity is in eternity, and [our] homeland is heaven.” In other words, not only were we created to want more, but we are also created for more. This “more” that we are created and destined for cannot be found in this world; it is in eternity.

We were made to be with God and solely and entirely belong to Him forever. This was His plan since day one.  

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