One of the things that God wants for us is to take joy in him and find our fulfillment in serving him. When we act in this way, we not only get to sate the deepest desires that lie within our hearts, but we also get to live a life of abundance, just as God has planned for each one of us individually. Bear in mind that Satan is a liar and a manipulator of others’ beliefs. He leads us to believe that the things we yearn for, want, desire, and crave can be fulfilled by the things that are found in this world.

The human experience of desiring, that is, desiring something more, is a natural and valid one. What we do with the desire is what determines whether or not it becomes a reality. Do we let our desires be satiated by the things of this world and the events that occur outside of ourselves? Whenever we act in this manner, we are doing nothing more than ensuring that we will not succeed. Why? Because the only one who can satisfy and fulfill the eternity that resides in our hearts is the God who is eternal. Keep in mind that the hole that exists in each of our hearts is just as big as the void that exists in eternity. A void like this can be filled only by something that is eternal.

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