“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled,” says the fourth beatitude in the Gospel of Matthew. The word “satisfied” is very important there. God’s Word says that our hunger and thirst can be satisfied by different things. We can’t just be hungry and thirsty—we have to be hungry and thirsty for something very specific: righteousness. This means that we can satisfy all of our desires, whether they are physical, emotional, or material, as long as we try to do what is right. So, what does it mean to do the right thing?

To be righteous means to have a good relationship with God.

This means to do what He wants and to live your life by His rules. So, obedience to God is the key to a life of contentment and satisfaction, even if you always want more. The way to satisfy our needs is to seek out the things of God. We should try to meet our needs in a way that fits with God’s Will.

Love is what fills the need to be loved.

Happiness and contentment don’t come from material things or from being loved and accepted by others. Instead, they come from being able to meet our own need to love and care for the people around us.

Don’t forget that we were made to live in groups as humans. We were never meant to be on our own. This means that it goes against our nature for everything to be about us. People are naturally meant to be connected to each other, to work together, and to live in communities. This means that we are not only meant to serve ourselves, but also to serve others.

Generosity and service are the best ways to stop unhealthy cravings that won’t go away.

Take the life of Jesus as an example. The Bible says he is just like us in every way except that he does not sin. In other words, Jesus was the same as us, except he didn’t want to do bad things. Why? Because he served God and people his whole life. His work was always for the benefit of those around him. He had made it his goal to live for other people, even to the point of giving up his own life for us so that we could be called friends of God.

Godly affirmation of oneself

Godly self-affirmation meets the need to feel good about yourself. We must be ready and able to see our value and ourselves as God does. The only way to be certain of what we are capable of is to recognize the talents and skills that God has bestowed upon us. Because God created us, the only way to be accepted is to recognize that we are valuable as we are. The only way to stop desiring more is to express gratitude for all that God has already provided. Our total selves, including our minds and bodies, must be presented to God as a living sacrifice if we are to have any chance of arriving at wise choices. As a living sacrifice, we must die to ourselves so that God can live in us and we can follow His ways (Rom 12:1).

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