Statistics suggests that fifty percent of African-American homes will grow up without a father in the home. Now, if fifty percent of our communities are growing up without fathers in the home, then that means that fifty percent of our community will have a serious struggle with viewing God in the proper and healthy way. Perhaps to reach some, we may have to introduce them to Mother God. Most African-Americans are really in touch and tend to relate well with mother since she has become the sole caretaker of the family.


Maybe that is why in most African-American churches there is a whole lot of hollering and shouting ministry. That is the emotional side of God, the mother aspect of God. Sadly enough, many run from the teaching aspect of ministry, which is the Father side of God. There needs to be balance. Men want the teaching aspect of ministry, the aspect that will fill the void of the vacant father in society. That is why men tend to shy away from the church. They think that its orientation is far more conducive for women.


Men have become so distant from their fathers in the home that most of them do not even know how to respond to a fathering type of ministry. There is usually little respect given to that style of ministry because it doesn’t resemble anything familiar. Most men long for it, but don’t know how to exactly receive it when it comes. You were raised up in traditions, but not necessarily in education. So the first example that a child sees in life is that of their parents. When a father abrogates his responsibility to his children something extremely damaging happens.


His absence and neglect messes up the child’s mind, his way of thinking—his consciousness. As I said earlier in this chapter, I’ve spent years undoing bad teaching.  When a child does not see a father and mother in the home working together in harmony to rear the family, the child begins to believe that this false method is the best model to raise children.  If mother is doing it alone then that is the way that it is supposed be, so they think. So bringing people back into the right frame of mind, so that prosperity

becomes a natural progression, is a task.


I must first begin to educate them about a loving God, who cares, provides, and protects.  All of those things will at first be foreign to them if they have never received this kind of quality treatment from their own dad. But when they go beyond the natural and begin to see the perfect harmony in their truest mother and father, the subconscious and the conscious, then they will be able to visualize what true union is. As they enter into this spiritual abyss, they will discover that they have always had the perfect marriage and family within their inner parts as a stellar example of the creation through two that became one.  God has joined your subconscious and your conscious mind together and they are one. They are inseparable.


Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19:6)


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How does your view of your own father affect your view of the Father God?