Don’t do anything for people that are down and out. If you do, their negativity will spread like a virus, and they will bring everyone around them down too. You can’t make a person feel happy by doing nice and kind things for them. They will have an ephemeral happiness and then revert back to their despondent state quickly.Unhappiness and negativity are much like cancer; it spreads quickly like a virus. So the best thing to do is avoid the cancer all together. You do that by avoiding anything that produces cancer. People that are down and out, attract other down and outers. Happiness comes from within.  And when you are running an organization of happy people or leading a happy family or relationship that is a reflection of you. The queen said, Happy are these

thy men. Everyone in my circle, even all of my friends have to be happy, because  happiness produces the kinds of feeling that is needed to produce wealth. King Solomon’s ministers and servants were in his face both day and night and were happy. Quite apparently the king would have to bring correction to his servants for doing something less than excellent. But even when being corrected, they were still happy. Guess why they were happy? They were standing in the presence of wisdom.  Solomon was operated with far greater wisdom than most of us. As soon as he recognized the wrong attitude in one of his men, he told him to go.

He would not chance one person’s negative attitude infecting the others. How many times have you wasted time on people that you tried to correct, that were just eternally wrong? Everyone has someone in their life that they are trying to help that is a virus. Mr. Virus is getting ready to marry Mrs. Virus, and when they consummate the marriage they have virus babies.


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What makes you happy?