Knowledge is important. I encourage knowledge and everyone to get as much education as possible. However, education does not influence God. Faith is the only voice God respects. Faith is the only method that impresses God to activate miracles. You will not see miracles activated until you use the method called faith. Consciousness tunes you into the frequency of the tide. The tide comes and the tide goes. You have to know how to ride the tide when it comes. At different periods the tide of opportunity sets in different directions, according to the needs of the whole and the particular stages of the social evolution, which has evolved.


For example, at the break of the year 2000 everyone was talking about Y2K and Y2K compliance. The very talk of all of that news was the announcement of the tide coming in. People made multiple millions of dollars on any and everything that had to do with Y2K.  Home Depot made tons of money. People had to buy electric burners, and kerosene burners just in case the electricity went out. All of the gift shops made money on candles.  The price of water went very high since everyone was buying up all the existing water, causing water to be on backorder. People were buying groceries like it was going out of style. The software industry perhaps made the most money, scaring people into believing that their computers would all become obsolete if they did not install new Y2K compliant software. Today you can’t even give away the software that they were selling for top dollar. The bottom line is that they all rode on the tide.


They knew that the tide was coming in. Everybody was making money. Were you?  All of the church folks were hiding and praying, while the brilliant minds were thinking of ways to capitalize of the amazing opportunity. Why did the church miss the great opportunity? They were not in consciousness. God set it up for everyone to make big bucks, but the church folks were too busy trying to analyze the entire situation with their five husbands—the senses. The senses will cause you to lose every time. And you will lose big listening to your senses. You have to have your finger on the pulse of what God is doing. When your finger is on the pulse of what God is doing, you will begin to know how God is moving.


I spoke a word of prophecy in 1999, saying “In the turn of the century new millionaires will be made, new billionaires will be made. Why, because technology has changed. The needs of the world will change. That is why you should find your center and work it, but you have to learn this law, press the pants while the iron is hot. What you have going may not be able to last you always.”  The Lord was trying to get His people to act now!


That thing that you’ve been doing may live for about five months, after that it may become obsolete. Think of those that were making money and became millionaires off of the afro-comb. Is that still selling today? If it is, it’s not selling in the quantities that it sold for back then. Do you understand this? You have to understand what are the needs, what are the trends.


Things move in trends and cycles. Whatever you are doing today, you may not be doing twenty years from now. You have to be in a current move of God, or in the heartbeat of God, and understand trends and cycles. You cannot be afraid of change.


Those who are afraid of change, or those that will not step into the unfamiliar, are going to be obsolete. Nothing is sadder than watching someone trying to function under a prehistoric anointing.


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