The media is another culprit for fatherlessness

The third wave of change that the world experienced was in the mid-20th century, with the technological revolution and the mass media. Television and cable entertainment and news have become a strong influence on the status quo in society. Young children spend time watching TV instead of picking up books. Unfortunately, passive entertainment depresses their faculty for creative and imaginative thinking. Worse, specific shows, like talk shows, reveal dark realities that children are not ready to process yet.  

Before the mainstream effects of TV and electronic media, and now the Internet, the phenomenon of entertainment relied on personal, familial, and local creativity. Families and groups of friends would gather around the piano as talent poured forth, and the bond strengthened the community. The face-to-face exchanges in the community were replaced by social media messaging systems wherein people only have physical interactions with their phones and computers. Today, instead of a piano keyboard, we have computer keyboards.  Talent is shared — not for community building, but profit and fame. The technological age is the era of instantaneous infotainment. As a result, people are now easily bored, anxious, irritable, and entitled.    

Parents care more about the social media image

Parents are more interested in capturing their children’s milestones so they can share them on social media, and if they’re honest with themselves, it’s not really so they can look back at the moment. If they would look back at the moment, they’re simply going to remember a few selfies and Instagram-worthy photos that represent something more significant that does not take place. In other others, parents are more physically present for their children in the 21st century, but it doesn’t mean they are emotionally and mentally available for their children. 

Fathers would be on their phones, leaving their children with iPads. Instead of being fatherless, it seems that children have new adoptive parents on tablets and phones. Faster computer chips may also speed up isolation within the family. Video games, webchats, and streaming videos replace the direct nature of person-to-person relationships. Recreation is minimized to amusement, as every need seems to be met by the computer screen. The storm that these three revolutions have created has a direct impact on personal identity.

As we celebrate Christmas, we are thankful that we have a Father in Heaven. He adopted us and redeemed us from this curse of fatherlessness that plagued this nation.

I pray that you would know the love of this Heavenly Father.

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