A second revolution took place as the harmful effects of the Industrial Revolution continued to grow. The sexual revolution and the over-exaltation of privacy decreased the desire to marry. The sexual revolution pertained to a phenomenon of the mid-20th century. It is definitive of the loosening of traditional moral structure regarding sexual activity. The center of human sexuality shifted from the family to the individual.  

Symptoms of this revolution included the rise of pornography, which spread even further as a commodity. The symptoms included the increase in pornography. It also extended even further in the technological age. The four effects of the sexual revolution had the disregard for women, the spread of cohabitation, the rise in divorce, and the growing trend of fatherlessness.

Morality on a downward slope

Divorce, cohabitation, and promiscuity are directly related to fatherlessness.  Fatherless reached greater heights during the sexual revolution. During the sexual revolution, instead of being gone for most of the day, the father is gone. Instead of missing the dads, the children never know their fathers. Fatherlessness is not limited to one racial group. This phenomenon is shared among the disadvantaged or the presence of depressed and passive teenagers among the advantaged. 

Without a father present, individuals remain in the “adolescent” stage long past its average span. Ironically, fatherlessness has a way of perpetuating itself. As a result , children of divorced parents are themselves twice as likely to divorce in adulthood. Fatherlessness results from divorce would often perpetuate in the next generation. Regrettably, the effects of fatherlessness reverberate deep in the child’s soul.  

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