Fatherlessness greatly impacted the education system in the country. Children are four times more likely to be poor if the father is not around. Moreover, we know that poverty can heavily impede educational success. Fatherless kids are twice as likely to drop out of school.

In a 2012 study entitled “The Vital Importance of Paternal Presence in Children’s Lives,” we see that seven out of 10 high school dropouts are fatherless. The common root of kids’ academic problems is the lack of a healthy relationship with their father.  


Feminists believe that males raised without fathers will treat women better, but social evidence does not support this. Most of the male perpetrators of domestic violence are products of a single-parent home. The situation denied the kids any meaningful contact with their biological fathers. As a result, these kids were denied the experience of traditional fatherhood. In a comprehensive analysis of 42 nations in the Western world, children raised in single-parent households were considerably more likely to become victims of physical violence and sexual abuse. On the other hand, the father’s involvement in a child’s life is directly associated with lower child abuse and neglect levels, even when the family struggles with male unemployment and poverty.


Compared to children of their peers, those who came from single-parent households have a: 

  • 77 percent greater risk of being physically abused; 
  • 87 percent greater chance of being harmed by physical neglect; 
  • 165 percent greater risk of experiencing notable physical neglect; 
  • 74 percent greater risk of suffering from emotional neglect; 
  • 80 percent greater risk of suffering severe injury as a result of abuse; and a 
  • One hundred twenty percent greater risk of experiencing some maltreatment overall.

Studies showed that the father’s involvement in the life of a child is directly associated with lower levels of child abuse and neglect, even when the family struggled from male unemployment and poverty.

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