On the morning I first saw those dwarf trees, I immediately made the connection between those small, stunted trees and a community of people who have been limited by outside forces. People operating out of fear and limitation. People who would say, “I want to believe the prophet, but I can’t trust my money with him. Instead, I trust my money with the stock market, even though it just lost 40%.” They’d say, “I can’t believe the prophet when he says God commanded in 2 Chronicles 20:20 that if you believe the prophet you’ll prosper. I couldn’t believe the prophet with enough faith to put $10,000 in his hand. No, instead I continue to believe the real estate industry that wiped out 30% of the equity in my home.”

People who say, “I believe my doctor, who says, ‘It could be this,’ or ‘It could be that,’ and ‘We forgot to look,’ and I understand they’re practitioners. I forgot to believe the prophet, who isn’t practicing but who is speaking the true word of the Lord over my condition.”

It’s one thing to listen to experts. It’s another to disregard the Word of God because you want to trust human beings who are experts more. When you reject the Word of God, He will honor your desires. If you don’t want to listen to Him to know when and how you’ll be blessed, then it’s your call. God is such a good and loving God. He respects you for your choices. He won’t force His blessings on you.

Think about how you are rejecting the Word of God. Did you receive a prophetic word with doubt and cynicism recently? Maybe, it’s time to repent and to say to the Lord, “I’m all in!”


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What do you need to repent of?