And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam …

Why did God bring all of these creatures unto Adam? God brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. Why did not God name them? God did not want to overstep His self-imposed boundaries. God had made man a creator. So it was man’s responsibility to name, that which was created. Every situation and everything that is passing you has a name. God is not going to name your situation for you. He just brings it to you to see what your perception is. Whatever you call it, that is going to be the name thereof. It is right there in your Bible. The Bible says:

… and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

Whatever is in your life, you named it. God brought it to you and you gave it its nature. Look at what kind of creator you are. Why should you believe in the devil? Only believe in the devil that you named devil. Do not wrestle with the devil. When you do, you are just wrestling with a lie. That is your imagination. That is your drama. That is your devil, and every one of you has the divine right, as Adam did, to pick your own devil. Even Christ picked his, Judas. He said, “I picked twelve but one of you is the devil.”

Jesus came as the Son of God to show you how you are supposed to act as the Son of God. So it means that, whatever devil you pick, you picked it because that is the type of devil you wanted to act in your experience. Understanding that, what devils have you picked? If you are going to pick a devil, make sure you only pick one. Just pick one, and make sure that devil can give you a resurrection. Make sure they can help you. The devil cannot give you anything in reality. Just make sure the illusion can sell the resurrection.

Make sure that, whatever drama the devil gives you, that devil can pay you a salary for it. You need to get paid for the drama in your life, especially the drama that you birthed. Take this for whatever it is worth, lobbying groups, all get paid, but they too had to find their devil to pick. You need a devil. You have to have a devil. You have to have a devil to whip, but make sure, whatever devil you are whipping; you are able to redeem that devil. If you do not redeem that devil, that devil will whip you.

Some of you do not understand the game of life. Unless you know how to work with your devil, you have to have your devil so tame that it, in reality, serves you. The devil is nothing but one of your thoughts that you allow to fall from grace. What was the devil? It was just one of God’s thoughts that He elected to just let fall. You have fallen angels every day, a thought that falls from grace, creating some chaos or confusion. Your devil gives you the exposure you need. Always learn. In every negative charge, find the equivalent benefit that can bring you positive currency.

Every one of you has a burden that, right now, is light. If you can find the light of it, it will pay you. You have to find the revelation that is locked up in every burden. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Your burden is revelation. God is giving you a lamp. Whatever trial you are passing through, it is a lamp; that is if you know how to work your imagination and get your perspective and your perception right.

It can either drag you down or pay you later. Judas got Jesus paid. Jesus went to glory and ended up with a crown. He ended up with all of you worshipping him. Make sure your devil can get you paid. Agree with your adversary quickly. Resist not evil. The reason some of you are having problems with evil is because you are fighting it. Never fight evil. Evil was not designed to be fought.

In reality, evil was designed to be sought. Whatever you fight you take back. The only fight that God commands you to fight is the good fight of faith. Do not do anything with the devil. The devil is a lie. He does not exist. Why would you ascribe truth to him? Lending your power to the devil gives him reality. e only thing that is real is I AM. As simple as that sound, that is really all you’ll ever need to know.

The word of God is rich and working mightily in me. I decree right here, and right now, that I flourish, walk in success, and fulfill my destiny in Christ Jesus. I make a determination right now; I vow to become every- thing the Father has ordained for me. I decree and declare right now that success, and fulfillment, works in my mind, and in my consciousness. I take this truth and live the God-given reality, which comes to me from the Father up above.

God in me, I thank you for the reality and the truth that makes me free.



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