Life is all powerful. Life is always and everywhere seeking expression. Don’t you feel the divinity in you seeking expression? Life is never satisfied, because it always desires that which God has planned for it. It’s constantly seeking greater and fuller manifestation. God has put a seed of Himself into you, and He asks only that you make your desires strong enough to bring them to fulfillment.

You have a God-shaped hole in your life that ONLY GOD can fill up. You were made for eternity, yet you seek to be satisfied with what is temporary. God enjoys blessing you. He takes pleasure in it. He wants you to get this very important point.

You don’t have to twist the Lord’s hand for Him to bless you. If the blessing is not coming, it’s because you’re rejecting it. You’re saying “no” to it, or you’re just not ready for it. Perhaps, there is a space issue. There are things you need to let go off that is taking up all these space for breakthrough to come in. Maybe you are distracted, and you don’t see the blessing is already present.

If you’re feeling so frustrated and tired, it’s time to just surrender to God. Your life is your offering. It’s time to live out according to the divine plan God has for your life. Stop fighting it. Stop rejecting it. Begin to flow in the grace of the Lord.


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