A future-based approach to language does not describe how the situation occurs. Instead, this kind of language transforms how it occurs. It does this by rewriting the future. Do you see the difference?


Let us talk about the power of the future, where it comes from, what sustains it and how future-based language can rewrite it. Zaffron and Logan presented the example of two families. One made $200,000 this year, while the second one made $50,000. Both families will make $100,000.00 in the next year. The first will be unhappy. The second will be happy. Why is it so, when the present money of the first family is significantly larger than the second one?


The actual money one has today does not make you happy, but it is the money that you will have in the future that shapes your experience of money right now. If you win $5,000 in a game today and someone tells you that you will lose your job tomorrow, will you spend this $5,000 on some senseless purchase? You will save it because you know you will lose your job in the near future.  There is a universal principle that people live into the future they see coming at them, not the actual future they will get into someday. Unless you do anything that can alter the course of your life, the future you are living into is your default future. By “default future” we mean this not in the sense that it will be your inevitable future, such as aging or dying, rather what is going to happen in your experience. The default future is about your expectations, fears, hopes, and predictions that are based on your experience in the past.


The actual act of creating a new future displaces the default future that was already there. You are only able to create a new future through language. Do not simply describe what you are going through. Instead, use your words to create a new future.


There is a condition required in order for you to use future-based language. You cannot paint on top of a picture on a canvas, in the same way that you cannot write more words on a page that is already filled up with writing. You cannot create a future when there is already one coming at you. Before you create a new future for yourself, there has to be space for it. You must create a space for nothingness. It is in an empty space wherein you can truly create new possibilities. It is through new possibilities that you can create the new future you desire.



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