Giving your tithe in faith is an act that pleases God…

Werner Erhard describes integrity as the state of being whole and complete (Erhard, 1984). This means that if some parts of us are lacking or missing, then we are not in integrity. We are questionable.

If our giving is not from the integrity of our faith, then our tithe is incomplete. If our hearts are not set on the right direction, then our giving will be lost. Before we can even give our tithes, let us make it a point to check if our faith is beyond question.

The Spirit of Tithe Compared to a Mustard Seed and Mountain Faith

Jesus once used the illustration of a mountain-moving faith as big as a mustard seed. In giving our tithes, we can have the same picture in mind. If you find it hard to give God what is due to Him, then think of your faith like that of a mustard seed. That is how small your giving to God is.

Compare that mustard seed to the highest mountain that you have ever seen. That is how faithful God is to you. Try to split that mustard seed in half. It will all the more become nothing to the magnanimity of the mountain. This is a picture of giving without integrity. If we do not give our whole and complete tithes, the seed becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes nothing. The question is, “Are your tithes like that of a whole mustard seed, or have they been compromised little by little?”

Do All Tithes Grow?

If you plant your seed (tithes), will it grow? Not all seeds grow. The compromised seeds are less likely to live their purpose. Remember that even if it is just a little seed, it can move mountains.

God only asked for a seed that is so little compared to the mountain that He has for us. Our little faith is incomparable to God’s. But, still there are many of us who find it hard to give back what He had asked of us.

What if God will only give us blessings as small as a mustard seed and our needs are as high as the mountains? Will we thrive? Remember that apart from God, we are nothing.

Give Your Tithe Without Deception or Fraud

This is why we ought to give in faith, and being in faith is more than being trustworthy. It is more of the assurance that we are devoting our wholeness into a person or thing. This means that our tithes are to be given without a hint of deception or fraud.

Our tithes are to be whole and complete. If in our hearts we are not faithful, then how can we give faithfully? Moreover, how can we be with integrity apart from being faithful?

Some Thoughts About Tithing for You to Ponder Over

How do you define giving your tithe in faith? Can you consider yourself as a faithful giver? If yes, in what ways are you a faithful giver? If not, why? Do you believe that God looks not on the amount but in our hearts as we give? How does this relate or impact your life?