The devil is around you all day. He is loyal, but very unfaithful. Some of you have a devil around you, calling it a friend, because you are not able to discern what productivity is from what it is not. If you do not increase me, you are the devil. Learn to discern the devils that are around you. Now, if that person is a devil, you flee from them. That means they have no business with them in your life, because they will distract you from your assignment. You are either increasing me or decreasing me. You are either promoting me or setting me back. You are either adding to me or subtracting from me. You are either making a deposit in me, or a withdrawal from me. You are either multiplying me or dividing me. If you had this teaching 20 or 30 years ago, I’m sure that you would have had another group of friends. Some of you are walking with parasites. That is not a friend. Do not call anybody a friend unless they are willing to die for you. If they are not willing to die for you, they are not your friends. You have to look people in the eye and ask, “Since you have been around me, has my value gone up or down?” People get divorces because one of the parties involved began calculating the value of the relationship. When they discovered that they were giving far more than they were receiving, they opted out of the relationship. So, when you start learning how to add, you are going to learn how to get rid of people.


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