You will be able to say, I really do not mean any harm, I really do love you, but we are not going to be able to make it together, I added the figures up on the paper. Unfortunately, I am running negative numbers here, and I have to be in the company of those that increase my value. Here is a warning: there will be people that will try to prohibit you from doing that, saying that you are in sin.  In all reality you are only acting like God. God gave Israel a bill of divorce because they were not profitable.


Whenever there is unexpressed possibility, or a function not performed, there is unsatisfied desire. Desire is possibility seeking expression or function seeking performance. There is no one as misunderstood as God. So, get over it ! When people say to you, “I don’t understand what you do or why you do it,” answer them, “You aren’t supposed to.” If you learn to answer people like that, that’ll usually end the conversation long before it becomes wasted time. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.



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What is a possibility you need to express, a function you need to perform, or a Godly desire you need to satisfy?