“Being cause in the matter” means you become the cause of everything in your life, as a stand you take for yourself and your life, and acting from that stand (Echeverria, Erhard, Granger, Jensen, & Zaffron, 2013). Taking a stand reveals an expression of your response-ability.


In any given matter, if you can have the power to cause something to happen, then this translates to power. The degree by which you become a victim of circumstance or you declare that you cannot control your experiences reveal your perspective of the degree of power you have over your life.  Thus, the fact that you cause something reveals you have power of it.


Echeverria, et al. (2013) describes you being the “cause in the matter” to  be a declaration, which is a place from which you view or deal with a set of facts that constitute a condition. Most of the time, you focus on the circumstances. You allow the problem to be so big that it consumes you. Instead of being evidence-based, you can become commitment-based by declaring you are cause-in-the-matter.

Being cause-in-the-matter is about creating the willingness in yourself to experience yourself as the cause (Echeverria et al., 2013). Thus, being cause-in-the-matter declares your commitment to be the author of your experiences (cause), rather than just a character in the story (effect).


As a stand, being cause-in-the-matter allows you to see the facts of the conditions you are faced with. In this regard, you will see opportunities to be effective. In the context by which you create or that you are the Cause, you will be able to see open doors for transformation. You set for yourself a context of Self as the source for the content.


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