Your ability to respond to a situation is your response-ability. You have a responsibility for the choices you make. When do you feel most powerless? It is when you have no control over a situation. It is when we have no choice in the matter. On the other hand, we are empowered by increasing our awareness of choice. Your sense of power is proportional to your ability to respond and your awareness of your choice. In every situation, our response-ability is expressed when we ask, “What must I do?” rather than our usual, “What can I do?”

We gain power when we understand that we have the power to transform the way events “occur” to us. Reality creation is an issue of power. Thus, you need understand what power is. Even when events present the worst scenario for you, your response-ability will reveal your choices. You can respond to an offer by choosing whether or not you will take it. Response-ability is described to be unconditional, because your responses are not dictated by external circumstances or by instinct (Kofman, 2006). External factors and inner drives influence you, but you always have a choice. As a
human-being, you have autonomy. The more you are aware about your autonomy, the more unconditioned your responses will be. Your ability to respond does not equate to your ability to succeed. There is no guarantee that you will always get what you intend in the end. The guarantee is that as long as you are alive and conscious, you can respond to your circumstances in order to pursue your desired future. This power to respond is a unique characteristic for humans. Your response-ability is a direct expression of your rationality, your will, and your freedom. Your humanity gives you your response-ability.

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