The hand and the neck are places where all the nerve endings of the body gather. Rebekah psychologically covered every nerve ending of Jacob’s body, on some level. God saw to it that the son would first be filled with feeling. If Jacob didn’t have the covering on the neck, and if he weren’t feeling “I AM Esau” in his deepest self, the father would not have mistaken Jacob for Esau when he touched him. He would have sensed Jacob’s hesitation and he would have withheld the blessing. It is as if God comes in with the “yea” and the “amen” to that which we set in motion.

It’s the choices you make that make up who you are. It’s the choices you take that make you more like Jesus.

It’s the choices you make that reveal who you really are in your heart of hearts. Don’t be lazy and just wait on God. God wants you to understand who you are, and He wants you to move according to your divine nature. God wants you to choose and to create the destiny He has already prepared for you. God just wants you to finally choose it over the ways of the world.


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