Rebekah is divine intuition dressing her son for the blessing. Some of you are getting dressed for the blessing and you don’t even know it. You might already be fully dressed for the blessing, if you would just stop second-guessing your intuition. So, stop second-guessing your intuition. There is a divine presence of God in you waiting to feed you everything you need to know.

When you are not preparing yourself for the blessing, it’s as if you’re saying you’re not really serious about this desire.

You need to be intentional about the blessings you are ready to receive. Whatever your reason may be, God knows when you have prepared. God knows your heart. He knows your actions. He knows if you have made space for the blessing.

What practical and realistic steps can you do this week that declare you are preparing for the blessing you have prayed for and are claiming?

What are the things you need to STOP doing because you are preparing for your breakthrough?

God is always ready. You are the one He’s been waiting for. You’re always the one He’s waiting for. It’s wrong to say, “I’m waiting on God.” Don’t wait. He is ready. He is here. The blessing is ready and it is in the spiritual realm. You are the one who needs to be here and ready to feel the blessing abound.


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