“The process of illumination does not improve the world, as we know it; it only improves our concept of the world, our perspective of the world.”

– Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan

Unlearn what the Conditioned Mind has taught you to believe. Satan has filled our minds with lies and it caused us to doubt God, to doubt ourselves, and to doubt our destinies. If you are wondering why you are stuck in the same defeated situation, then you need to evaluate what you are NOT seeing in your life.

As you identify these areas of pain and suffering, join our LIVE conference call so we can help you see these experiences from a SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE, according to the mind of God. Here are ways to join:

1) Call 515-604-9266

2) Go to startmeeting.com, and use the login: BishopJordan

Go to a quiet room, and on a piece of paper, write down what the Holy Spirit will reveal to you things you need to “unlearn.” List down these things the Holy Spirit reveals to you right now.