We have the power to create for ourselves the context for our experiences. The context of our experience is akin to a frame by which we live our lives. The mindsets we have are based on the context by which we experience the world. Instead of changing contexts that do not work for us, we allow ourselves to be influenced by the contents in our lives that we too become contents of our experiences. Being a content of experience does not allow us to be responsible and to have power over our circumstance. Remember, contexts are not fixed. You have the power to shape them according to your will because you are a god.

What do I mean by being a context? Werner Erhard says, “Context is decisive.” What did he mean by this? Think about it this way. If you drive two hundred miles an hour around Time Square, New York, you end up in jail for endangering the lives of other people. On the other hand, if you drive two hundred miles an hour around a racing track, you get a medal. Context decides the implications for our actions.

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What is the context you want to set for your life in THIS season?