The prophetic ministry is concerned with the church. It brings God’s perspective into your prophetic word for the church. You receive a specific calling to serve your local church. Moreover, the prophetic ministry allows you to release vision into situations that your spiritual family is in. Your job as a prophetic minister is to help undermine the  work of the enemy against your church and community.


The prophet extends one hand in the past, and the other in the future. However, the prophet is also able to bring together both elements into the present in a wise prophetic instruction for what must be done. The knowledge the prophet gains from the Holy Spirit regarding both the past and the future can offer a radically different perspective from what is currently going on in the church. The main sphere of influence in the church comes from the prophetic ministry. The direction the church can take comes from this ministry. Moreover, the prophetic ministry helps discern who must be the next leader, and what must be the next move. This ministry is also concerned with checking if the church is fulfilling its specific call. The prophet would always direct everyone’s focus on God’s majesty and sovereignty in times of trouble. The perspective of the prophet edifies the church; it gives the church faith, hope, and energy to wait for the breakthrough.


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What do you understand about the work of the prophetic                                                 ministry in your local church?