Prophets in the ministry need to experience dual revelation. The first level is through the general Word of God—the Bible. While studying Scripture, the Holy Spirit can illuminate certain verses or words that will give the prophet a message for the local church or for an individual. Scripture is a solid source for giving general guidelines and wisdom on different areas of life, which include relationships with others, finances, church, and ministry.The second revelation a prophet experiences is through a specific word or prophecy. One needs to be allied with a specific word or prophecy. While Scripture gives you a general knowledge about the revelation, the Spirit of God can give the prophet fine and specific details about these general principles in the Bible.



Ask God for a revelation today. In your quiet time, what general revelation is the Bible revealing to you?


Has the Holy Spirit given you a word, a vision, or a sense recently?


If God has given you both general and specific revelations, ask God to give you a prophetic word on this. If not, seek the Lord for a message.


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