Prophets in the ministry need to experience dual revelation. The first level is through the general Word of Godā€”the Bible. While studying Scripture, the Holy Spirit can illuminate certain verses or words that will give the prophet a message for the local church or for an individual. Scripture is a solid source for giving general guidelines and wisdom on different areas of life, which include relationships with others, finances, church, and ministry.The second revelation a prophet experiences is through a specific word or prophecy. One needs to be allied with a specific word or prophecy. While Scripture gives you a general knowledge about the revelation, the Spirit of God can give the prophet fine and specific details about these general principles in the Bible.



Ask God for a revelation today. In your quiet time, what general revelation is the Bible revealing to you?


Has the Holy Spirit given you a word, a vision, or a sense recently?


If God has given you both general and specific revelations, ask God to give you a prophetic word on this. If not, seek the Lord for a message.


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