Weakness is Part of our Humanity  

It may appear weird, yet moments of weakness are vital on our path to self-control, self-discipline, and holy spirituality. A moment of weakness is defined as a short lapse in one’s better judgment, conviction, or values. So, what is it about such periods of weakness that makes them necessary, if not beneficial, to our development as individuals and Christians?

It is an unavoidable fact that this fallen world has periods of weakness. As much as we strive for self-control and self-discipline, moments of weakness will occur—and they will occur when we least expect it and even to the best and strongest of us. Paul, a theological and spiritual behemoth, was not without his own times of weakness. In 2 Corinthians 12:7, he speaks of a thorn in the flesh that torments him continuously. Even Jesus, on the cross, had a moment of weakness. Before he died, he asked God, “Why have you abandoned me?” ” (Mt. 27:46).

Jesus’ and Paul’s experiences teach us that we should not be ashamed of our weaknesses. On the contrary, periods of weakness are a natural part of existence; they are part of what it means to be human. God never expects us to be strong all of the time. Why? Because He knows what we are capable of. After all, he was the one who developed and produced us. The lesson here is that we don’t have to pretend to be strong and capable; we don’t have to demonstrate that we live perfect lives. It is totally great that none of us are flawless. As a result, the inevitability of moments of weakness pushes us not to flee or avoid them—after all, how can we escape something that cannot be avoided? The point is to be aware of it so that we can anticipate and finally overcome it.

There are two reasons why weakness is required. First, vulnerability is vital since it is what distinguishes us as humans. Second, weakness is vital because while we are weak, we get the ability to say no through God’s love and Christ’s power.


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