Like the Office of the Prophet, one also cannot merely grow into the Office of an Apostle. It is not through the development of one’s spiritual gift that you can progress into being an apostle. The Office of an Apostle is also a special governmental gift that Christ gives. It’s also a special calling by Christ—the head of the church.


In the governmental office of the Apostle, there is a whole level of the prophetic spirit that flows through apostles that is not present for prophets in the shallow end of the “prophetic pool” illustration. The “Office of the Apostle” refers to a person’s spiritual gift or office that has been recognized by the church leadership that the person is authorized to engage in open ministry, centered around the gift.


While prophesying, these apostles interlace signs, wonders, healing, and miracles. All the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit will be involved while the apostle prophesies. This office also moves to equip saints who have different spiritual gifts, i.e. the gifts of prophecy, words of wisdom, word of knowledge, gifts of healing, working of miracles, and all other gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Apostles, because they operate on a higher level of anointing, are able to teach and train others in these various spiritual gifts. They do not just operate in these spiritual gifts themselves, out of their own giftedness.


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